Lisa Gambrino

Senior SBA Loan Specialist 

Lisa began her banking career in 1980, when she landed her first job in the industry. Nearly 40 years later, she’s become a specialist in SBA consulting and small business growth.

In 1995, Lisa was assigned the task to start an SBA Department for the bank she was employed by. In less than five years, she grew that bank to the top PLP lender in the state and one of the top thirty in the nation. When the U.S. Small Business Administration moved to a more centralized process in 2003, Lisa recognized that need for a Lender Service Provider in the Midwest and founded sbaSTRATEGIES, a company created to provide consulting services to lenders eager to participate in SBA lending programs. While operating sbaSTRATEGIES, Lisa was named Minnesota’s “State Star” in 2009 by the Association of Small Business Development Centers for her outstanding achievements and consulting work provided to small business owners. Four years later, Lisa merged her company with SBA Complete for greater efficiency. This integration has since increased SBA Complete’s services and support, and expanded an expert team of SBA professionals to a national level.