Expert Loan Handling

Over 10,000 SBA loans are sold on a secondary market across the country each year. Unlike other loan sales, SBA guaranty sales require specific documentation and reporting to ensure your organization retains this non-interest income.

Guaranty Sales

We can help you examine each SBA loan to ensure it is placed in the secondary market appropriately, managed through sale, and the unguaranteed portion is continually serviced with proper documentation archived.

Post-Secondary Market Management

Once an SBA loan is sold on the secondary market, our work on your behalf continues. We maintain the proper documentation, communications, and any payment protocol to ensure the borrower, lending institution, and investor have good client experiences.

While many Lender Service Providers complicate the selling process with unneeded steps and fees to you, we make it simple: you only pay for our minimal time to document and process the sell of the loan.