We’re SBA Industry Experts

Considering the best way to approach SBA lending for your institution? Our team is ready to provide expert counseling, strategy, and support. No matter how simple or detailed your SBA lending needs may be, we are committed to providing your institution with the lending confidence needed to support small business growth in your community.

Loan Portfolio & Due Diligence Reviews

Our portfolio and due diligence review processes mimic SBA’s auditing process, minimizing risk and worry for your institution. We’re happy to provide a simple compliance review of your portfolio, or one with much more detail, including each of the 43 elements the SBA auditing team examines in their review. If your institution is considering buying loans in an SBA loan portfolio, we’ll conduct the due diligence on your behalf, to assess the integrity of the SBA guaranties and to provide feedback on how to mitigate potential losses.

SBA Policy & Procedure Development

In addition to a portfolio review and due diligence, our team can also provide a risk-based review of your SBA lending operations. We’ll work with you to develop a policy and set of procedures that are compliant with SBA requirements and in accordance with well-established policies. From providing simple templates to conducting interviews with key personnel and creating a full write up of documents, we are here to support your institution’s SBA operation and growth.

Strategic Coaching & Lender Training

Need to bounce ideas off an expert SBA team? We’re happy to share our know-how and lending approach so you can build the profitable SBA loan program you’ve envisioned. We can provide a detailed report of recommendations and guidance or arrange a professional, value-priced training session with your SBA lending staff. To make training even easier, we have developed a 90-minute webcast training seminar so you can feel confident that your SBA lending team is ready to meet small business needs.