Complete Loan Operations From Underwriting to Closing

Put Your Confidence in Us.

Ready to empower community businesses and grow a profitable SBA portfolio? Outsource your SBA loan applications to us. We’ll work with your institution to provide proper structuring, underwriting, and documentation that ensure your loan meets every SBA requirement – we guarantee it.

Structure and Eligibility Planning

Each of our client relationships begin with planning your organization’s SBA structure and eligibility requirements. This allows us to ensure any loan applications from your institution align with your credit goals and strategic plan.

An SBA-Compliant Credit Process

We understand what it takes to get your prospective SBA borrowers approved in a timely fashion. Our clients benefit from our SBA-compliant credit presentation that works in concert with your internal credit requirements and ensures your clients receive the most thorough lending service possible.

Loan Packaging

We’re experts at packaging loan files for submission to the SBA or USDA. From completing the appropriate forms, to obtaining the necessary information required to meet specific program criteria, our team is happy to help make the process as seamless as possible. We are experts in navigating the latest government software, the SBA One platform, ensuring your loans are properly packaged and your guaranty sales are safe.

Loan Processing

SBA documentation can be daunting for our clients. It’s why they turn to us to handle the collection and processing of various SBA required documentations. From conditions for loan approval and equity injections, to UCC searches and disbursement diligence, our team manages the process and ensures your guaranty is secured for sale after closing.

Loan Closing

The SBA closing process requires expertise most organizations do not have in-house. Our team prepares all loan records and coordinates with SBA-specialized attorneys who ensure that your borrower’s loan closes without hassle. We provide our clients with a complete electronic record of all files related to a transaction and perform two internal audits on every loan to ensure nothing is left unchecked.